Expert calls for refraining from sunbathing until vaccination course in over

Too much ultraviolet radiation from sunlight weakens cell immunity, so people should not stay in the sun for too long until the full cycle of Covid-19 vaccination is over. Moreover, it is recommended to stay home during the first three days after the inoculation, Elena Volchkova, the holder of chair in infectious diseases at the Sechenov University, told TASS on Thursday.

Roman Vilfand of Russia’s Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring said on Sunday that Russia’s Central Federal District would see high levels of ultraviolent radiation in the next seven days.

"We are having a very hot weather now and its is highly unrecommended to get exposed to sunlight, at least, within the first three days. It is unadvisable to stay in the sun, the more so, sunbathe, during the entire period of two-stage vaccination because sunlight weakens cell immunity," Volchkova explained.

According to the expert, in case of side effects after the inoculation, it will be enough to take paracetamol and drink some two liters of water. In case symptoms do not go within three days, it is necessary to consult a doctor.Chief of Russia’s Gamalei Center Alexander Gintsburg said earlier that people should try not to overheat after vaccinations against the coronavirus infection. However, in his words, it is not prohibited to swim and bathe.