Security measures stepped up near InterContinental hotel in Geneva where Biden will stay

Security measures have been boosted near the InterContinental Hotel in Geneva, where American President Joe Biden will stay before the summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. According to a TASS correspondent, cinder blocks were placed in front of the hotel, policemen are on duty, and passers-by are asked to move along.

The US flag has already been hoisted in front of the five-star hotel, members of law enforcement are apparently receiving their final instructions for the coming days. The shrubbery around the hotel has been fenced off with barbed wire and black plastic wrap. A helicopter is patrolling overhead, new police units, including on motorcycles, continue to arrive.

"During the day, the measures here will be additionally significantly boosted," one of the members of law enforcement told the TASS correspondent. "Right now, you can still walk along the hotel but, please, no pictures," he asked.

Biden is expected today in Geneva in the middle of the day, he will conduct talks with the Swiss leadership. His motorcade, most likely, will arrive at the hotel from the airport along Route de Ferney, which leads to the city center. It is included in the security zone but so far is partially open, vehicles are stopped and redirected only about 500 meters from the hotel.

As the Kremlin and the White House reported earlier, the meeting of Putin and Biden will take place on June 16 in Geneva. According to the press service of the Russian head of state, the two leaders plan to discuss the conditions and prospects for further fostering Russia-US relations, strategic stability matters as well as pressing issues on the international agenda, which include cooperation in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and regulating regional conflicts. This will be the first face-to-face meeting between Putin and Biden since the US president took office. The summit will take place at the Villa La Grange. (TASS)