Chief physician: No complications from Pfizer vaccine recorded

"The first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been given to 12 people since the morning at the Central Clinical Hospital," Shahlar Nasirov, the chief physician at the the outpatient clinic, told Report.

According to him, the registered people for the vaccination were first examined by a doctor: "None of the vaccinated people had any complications, and they were kept under control for 15 minutes after vaccination. I invite everyone to be vaccinated. "

Notably, Azerbaijan purchased 218,000 doses of Pfizer and started inoculating with the vaccine today. People can get vaccine doses at the outpatient clinic of the Central Clinical Hospital and the Baku Health Center.

Azerbaijan started vaccination against coronavirus infection on January 18. Along with Sputnik V, the country also uses the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine and the British-Swiss company AstraZeneca.

The total number of vaccines in the country is 2,546,169, while the number of people vaccinated in the first phase is 1,611,165, and in the second phase is 935,004.