Ukrainian army holds drills near Crimea, using howitzers and drones

The Ukrainian artillery units engaged in accomplishing combat tasks on the border with Crimea held drills to fight a seaborne assault using Msta-B howitzers and unmanned aerial vehicles, Ukraine’s General Staff reported on its Facebook on Thursday.

"The artillery gunners practiced operating under the conditions of the employment of the enemy’s precision weapons and sharpened the skills of camouflaging military hardware and armaments, position finding on terrain and timely advancing to firing positions", Ukrainian Joint Armed Forces Commander Sergei Nayev said.

Apart from howitzers, the artillery troops employed "operational unmanned aerial vehicles" to search for and identify targets and provide specific coordinates to firing teams, the commander said.

‘In the course of the drills, special attention was paid to changing firing positions with the subsequent readiness for live-fire against specific targets", Nayev said.The Ukrainian Army command reported on May 14 that rocket artillery units practiced deploying weapons at firing positions and aiming launchers at a notional enemy’s targets near the border with Crimea. The teams of Uragan multiple launch rocket systems were involved in the drills. During the exercise, the Ukrainian artillery units practiced eliminating the mock enemy’s amphibious assault force, armor and camouflaged command posts. The teams also fulfilled the exercise of remotely laying mines in the areas of the simulated enemy’s potential offensive.