Russia’s defense chief stresses need to build up production of Su-57 fighters

It is important to build up the production of Il-76MD-90A heavy military transport planes and Su-57 fifth-generation fighters for the Russian troops, Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu said at the ministry’s conference call on Tuesday.

"This year, it is important to build up the production of advanced types of armament: Su-57 fifth-generation multirole fighters and new Il-76MD-90A heavy military transport planes," the defense chief said.

No less important is the work to resume the production of upgraded Tu-160M strategic bombers at the Kazan Aviation Enterprise, Shoigu stressed.

"Today we will talk about how to ensure the systematic workload of our aviation enterprises and solve a number of technological tasks," the defense chief said.

‘We will discuss the pace of implementing the defense procurement plan and providing maintenance services for aircraft. Last year, enterprises of the United Aircraft Corporation supplied 147 aircraft to the Armed Forces, including the first serial-produced Su-57 multirole fighter," Shoigu said.

In 2020, upgraded Tu-160M and Tu-95MSM strategic missile-carrying bombers performed their debut flights. The defense contractors completed two long-term contracts for the delivery of Su-35S multirole fighters and Su-34 fighter bombers to the troops, the defense chief said. (tass)