School, which will be constructed by MHP in Shusha, to be handed over to Education Ministry

"Karabakh territories, which were under the occupation of Armenia, were liberated by the Azerbaijani Army within a short period of after 30 years," Deputy Chairman of Turkey's National Movement Party (MHP), Deputy from Ankara Mevlut Karakaya at the press conference held on his visit to Azerbaijan today, APA reports.

Deputy Chairman of the MHP said that they gratefully commemorate Azerbaijanis, killed during occupation by Armenia, and martyrs, killed during the latest military operation, pray for mercy.

M. Karakaya noted that MHP delegation came to Baku on January 29, they met with Minister of Educationb Emin Amrullayev, Assistant to Azerbaijani President Hikmat Hajiyev and today with President Ilham Aliyev: “The holding of these meetings on January 30 also has a historical importance. January 30 is also the date of the adoption of the Azerbaijani National march-national Anthem, authored by Ahmad Javad. President Ilham Aliyev has given relevant instructions for selection of a suitable location for the school building. We express our gratitude to Azerbaijani President. At the same time we express gratitude to Hikmat Hajiyev and minister of education.”It has been brought to the attention of the Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), the school project will be carried out in a short time: “The Culture and Education Association of Ulku Ocaqlari will build this school in accordance with Shusha architecture and hand it over to the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. The decision on the use of the school will be made by the Ministry of Education. A primary school with 11 classrooms will be built. Our main goal is to build a building in accordance with the architecture and history of Shusha.”