Kremlin spokesman says he’s never been to Navalny-hyped Black Sea ‘palace’

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he has never been to the so-called "palace" in Gelendzhik. "No, I haven’t been," he told reporters on Friday, answering a question on the matter.

Peskov added that he had not seen video footage published by the Mash Telegram channel, where mass construction works are depicted at the alleged site in Gelendzhik. "No, we haven’t seen it so far, there’s been no time for that," he stated.

The spokesman did not answer an inquiry on whether such publications can affect the public perception of the situation. "You know that this "palace" has nothing to do and never had anything to do with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. Honestly, I don’t know what is being published," the press secretary stressed.

Earlier, Peskov dismissed Alexey Navalny’s claims of Putin having an alleged "palace" in Gelendzhik. The spokesman thinks that this sort of material is published with the goal of making a quick buck by duping the public. (TASS)