Iranian President: "We need to change the previous lifestyle for a long period”

Addressing a Saturday meeting of the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters, Rouhani said mosques across Iran would reopen for daily congregational prayers in conformity with the health regulations to contain the spread of the coronavirus, APA reports citing Tasnim News Agency.

Reopening mosques after a weeks-long closure due to the outbreak of coronavirus was a public demand, the president said, stressing that all worshippers must observe the social distancing instructions and conform with the protocols in the places of worship.

He noted that the restriction on the opening hours of shopping centers until 6 pm has also been lifted.

The new reopening decisions do not mean that the coronavirus threat has ended, the president added, stressing that all citizens must proceed with extreme caution in their daily activities.

He further advised travelers to observe the health regulations in order to prevent a new wave of outbreak and consequent restrictions in certain cities.

“We need to change the previous lifestyle for a long period,” the president said, adding that people have to get used to social distancing instructions.