Bakcell announced its new 099 prefix

Bakcell officially announced the commercial launch of its new prefix 099 (+99499 from international destinations). The sales of new numbers are started today, the Company told APA-Economics. 

The new 099 prefix will give Bakcell customers the option to select from a wide range of new numbers. This will allow them to purchase mobile numbers with a special combination which has a personal meaning to them, reflecting valuable moments of their lives, be it the birthdate of their children or date of a remarkable achievement in their life. Graving a memorable and important moment of your life into a mobile number, or simply having a cute and cool number combination is a value for our customers, a further chance to personalize towards their community. And this comes on top of the best network of Azerbaijan (as confirmed by the Ookla test again) and convenient customer services.

“The new 099 prefix enables us to offer some nice and relevant opportunity for a very special personalization,” says Rainer Rathgeber, Bakcell CEO. “This all on the best network in the country, as the Ookla test has proven. We will continue to work for our customers to have an excellent experience.”

Those, wishing to benefit from this unique opportunity and get their own, personalized mobile number in the brand new “099” prefix of Bakcell can visit one of the company’s dealer shops or select a desired number at website. 

The numbers under the 099 prefix can be activated within one of the following monthly recurring fee tariffs of Bakcell: “CIN5”, “DaimOnline6”, “DaimOnline10”, “Klass L”, “Klass XL”, “Klass XXL”, “Klass 3XL”. 

The company will continue focusing its operations on delivering superior user experience to customers, by further improving the quality of services and network.