800 apartments to be handed over to families of martyrs, Karabakh war disabled in 2019

The Karabakh war disabled in Azerbaijan have been handed over 6,144 cars up to now, ONAreports citing a message from the Public Relations and Communications Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.

The message says that 35 million manats were allocated under a Presidential Decree, dated January 28, 2019, for the purchase of apartments for families of martyrs and the Karabakh war disabled.

“In 2019, at least 800 apartments will be presented to these people. By an Order dated March 18, 2019, 5 million manats were allocated to provide the war disabled with cars, which will be used to purchase an additional 400 cars in 2019. As a result, this year up to 600 vehicles will be handed over to the war disabled, which is 3 times more than planned.”

It should be noted that 265 cars were handed over to the war disabled last year, and 6,144 cars so far.